INFOMEDIKA is the exclusive distributor for the 3M Health Information System in Puerto Rico. 3M HIS combines the strengths of two leading developers o clinical information. Their merger includes a growing product line accounting for more than 3,200 installations in the United States and abroad.


  • Provides a sophisticated, easy-to-learn solution for accurate, complete, and compliant coding and grouping
  • Enables HIM departments to move forward with computer-assisted coding technologies and improved integration with electronic health record (EHR) systems
  • Provides ICD-10 functionality today, as an essential resource for all ICD-10 implementation programs

Coding Products

3M™ Codefinder™ Software—Helps you manage the complex rules and terminology of ICD-10-CM/PCS found in mandated rules, principles and guidelines.

3M™ DRGfinder™ Software—Provides accurate MS-DRG grouping capabilities for Medicare and other payers. DRGs are automatically computed to help improve coder productivity, and multiple DRGs can be calculated simultaneously. Also indicates whether a code is an MCC or a CC.

3M™ HCPCS/CPTfinder Software—Helps you determine the standard five-digit code for outpatient procedures and services.

3M™ Reimbursement Calculation Software—Calculates instantly the reimbursement based on formulas that use appropriate national and hospital-specific variables. It includes Medicare inpatient and outpatient formulas and accommodates various other pay.

Interactive References

  • Provides your coding staff with easy-to-use, online access to valuable references, all integrated with the 3M™ Coding and Reimbursement System (CRS)
  • Links specific reference content to ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM/PCS, and CPT® codes to expedite the look-up process and help improve coding accuracy and consistency
  • Offers powerful search capabilities that save a coder time and effort

3M Coding Basic Reference – contains both the ICD-9-CM and the ICD-10-CM/PCS versions of the 3M™ Integrated Codebook (an integrated diagnosis and procedure index and tabulators) as well as the CPT tabular reference:

  • ICD-9-CM Integrated Codebook
  • ICD-10-CM/PCS Integrated Codebook
  • Current Procedural Terminology 

3M Coding Reference Software –  to provide accessible, online, integrated access to current versions of state-of-the-industry references. 3M Coding Reference Software changes the way coders look up coding and medical information by providing simple, mouse-click access to these valuable references:

  • AHA Coding Clinic for ICD-10-CM—Official coding resource published quarterly by the Central Office on ICD-10-CM.
  • AMA CPT® Assistant—Official coding advice published monthly by the American Medical Association.
  • Clinical Pharmacology Drug Reference—This drug reference includes information on prescription, over-the-counter, new, and investigational drugs, as well as information on drug interactions and adverse reaction screenings.
  • Dorland’s Medical Dictionary and Elsevier’s Anatomy Plates—A robust medical dictionary and an easy-to-use anatomical reference that help both novice and experienced coders find the information they need to clarify the diagnoses or procedures documented in the medical record..

3M™ Medical Necessity Dictionaries

Are designed for easy integration and provide medical necessity validation at one or more key points in the enterprise workflow. 3M Medical Necessity Dictionaries are an industry-leading source for:

  • Reduce outpatient denials, write-offs, and claim rework due to disputed medical necessity
  • Help you achieve accurate coding, fewer denials, and appropriate, timely reimbursement
  • Provide medical necessity functionality within an existing health information system (HIS)
  • at the point of registration, order entry, billing, and coding
  • ICD-10 National and Local Coverage Decisions (NCDs and LCDs) for Medicare Part A and Part B claims
  • Other state Medicaid and payer-specific data
  • Multi-level policy restrictions including frequency, age, gender, previous procedure or accompanying service

3M™ Core Grouping Software

Is a computerized application that sets a new standard for efficiently and effectively processing claims data. With 3M’s proven grouping, editing and reimbursement calculation at its core, the software classifies patients, evaluates the accuracy and completeness of the clinical data, identifies potential errors and calculates the expected reimbursement. The software includes a number of continually-updated grouping methodologies, editing components and reimbursement formulas delivered in a single, comprehensive tool that can help you:

  • Provides fast, accurate Medicare and non-Medicare grouping of claims
  • Delivers appropriate inpatient, outpatient, and professional edits to help reduce compliance risk
  • Calculates reimbursement for valid claims
  • Generates ready-to-bill claims and helps reduce reprocessing

Podemos ayudarlo a evitar el riesgo de denegaciones, reelaboración e incumplimiento. Nuestro contenido de necesidad médica permite que el personal del hospital valide las reclamaciones en cualquier punto del ciclo de ingresos.

Codificación para reembolso y cumplimiento

¿Necesita la funcionalidad ICD-10 ya integrada para capacitación, traducción, análisis y codificación nativa? Lo tienes en el Sistema de Codificación y Reembolso de 3M.


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