3M Coding & Reimbursement System

INFOMEDIKA is the exclusive distributor for the 3M Health Information System in Puerto Rico. 3M Health Information System combines the strengths of two leading developers of clinical information. Their merger includes a growing product line accounting for more than 3,200 installations in the United States and abroad.

Developers of DRG patient classification scheme. Under contract with HCFA to develop and maintain the official DRG Grouper, and develop the Ambulatory Patient Groups (APGs).
Distributors of the official DRG grouping and Medicare Code Editor Software to MEDICARE fiscal intermediaries.
Under contract to National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions (NACHRI) to develop and maintain the Pediatric Modified DRGs.

3M™ Coding and Reimbursement System Plus

3M Coding and Reimbursement System Plus (CRS+), the next generation coding system from 3M, offers a dynamic user display with immediate access to DRG and reimbursement data, plus a 3M-hosted reporting tool. 

An innovative, patent-pending coder workflow combines 3M’s exclusive logic-based coding paths with an enhanced ICD-10 table-driven design. This helps to simplify coding and improve productivity under ICD-10. 3M CRS+ increases the speed and accuracy of coding by displaying and refreshing multiple DRGs and reimbursement during the code selection process.

Medical Necessity

In a strategic partnership, Infomedika’s Evolution interfaces seamlessly with 3M Medical Necessity’s robust and comprehensive dictionaries which are being constantly updated with information containing thousands of CPT/HCPCS and ICD-9 (Debe ser ICD 10), diagnosis codes and additional data, avoiding costly claim denials and delays.

Uncompensated medically unnecessary services total billions of dollars per year. Without accurate Medical Necessity checking, you could find your reimbursement entangled in claim denials and delays. Plus, accurate validation can help you determine when to issue an ABN form, letter of medical necessity or other noncoverage documentation appropriately so you can comply with Medical Necessity guidelines additional data, avoiding costly claim denials and delays

Dramatically reduce Medicare denial rates and speed up reimbursement.
Automatically generate ABN forms (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) and transfers responsibility for denied services to the patient.
Identify and correct problem areas within the network.
Improve healthcare compliance and reduce potential fraud and abuse.
Improve patient satisfaction by clarifying their rights and obligations.

We can help you avoid the risk of denials, rework and non-compliance. Our Medical Necessity content lets hospital staff validate claims at any point in the revenue cycle.

Coding for reimbursement and compliance

Need already-embedded ICD-10 functionality for training, translation, analysis, and native coding? You’ve got it in 3M Coding & Reimbursement System.

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