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Transforming Patient Care to New Levels with "Agile Health Process"

Our EHR Web version is a comprehensive application focused on the user, enabling quick access to the entire patient record. Embracing this approach will let your organization:

Be more adaptive and responsive to new knowledge
Improve care process to deliver more value
Adopt new technologies to better care outcomes

New template builder

Easy template creation, transfer or copy capabilities ones been used
Customizable design, choose preferred field types
Allows users to organize templates in a customized folder structure
New Physical Exam and Review of Systems customizable documentation tool

New clinical notes modules providing users with:

Auto-save feature, assuring complete data input
Image annotations to document observations
Fishbone diagrams and annotation capabilities to easily identify out-of-range values
Easy sign/cosign feature
Draft counter button provides users immediate filtering of these clinical notes
Add Physical Exam observations and Review of Systems symptoms as easily as a click of a button and include notes as needed
Content navigation and search tool to easily explore extensive documentation
Quick access to recently used templates
Laboratory results viewer in table or chart format enabling the user to see the progress or decompensation of the patient condition.
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Pending record action alerts and dashboard for better and faster care

Personalized dashboard contains Pending Records, Orders, Consults, and Appointments
Easy sign and cosign of clinical notes and orders
New Consult Notifications
Complete Consults documentation easily
Day, Week or Month visualization of clinic appointments

View of patient social history that can impact patient treatment while entering orders

Dose checking, Pregnancy, Lactation, Age and Gender validations, Drug-to-Food and Drug-to-Alcohol interaction checks and Route contraindications
Ability to turn off an individual interaction, affording greater user control over alerts
Fully referenced monographs and warnings to provide additional information (CDS)
View the most recent Creatinine Serum results allowing faster and more accurate decision-making on the individual's kidney function

View Diagnosis (Descriptions / ICD-10 codes) and Patient Allergies Information at point of order entry

Visibility of patient allergies for patient management assessments
Visibility of patient diagnosis allows the user to support the clinical value of study or procedure

View order’s nurse notes in Medical Orders

Allows Nursing staff to communicate order processing related notes.

Manage various order types and departments

Item recognition as user types in providing specific order entry forms per department and order type

Customizable view of medical orders screen

Users can group and ungroup orders by department
Visible new orders count at all times
Filtering and sorting capabilities as per user needs
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New home medication features

Order items from the home medications list and continue directly to the order entry workflow avoiding interruptions
Quick and easy discontinuation process and documenting of a home medication
Easy reconciliation process

Enhanced and intuitive medical orders workflow

Quick and easy order entry process
Preliminary Order list/Queue provides easy edit access to orders
Interactions visibility during Order entry and at Preliminary Order List/Queue

Ancillary department integration through HL7 interface 

Ensures interoperability across systems
Minimize duplication of work while improving clinical efficiency

Medical Information Exchange

Exchange, integrate, share, and retrieve patient’s electronic health information for a better decision making at the point of care.

Your EHR must be certified to receive Promoting Interoperability (PI) incentive funds.

INFOMEDIKA’s Evolution EHR V3.0 Achieves ONC HIT 2015 Edition Complete EHR
Certification from Drummond Group

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