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Hospital Information System (HIS)


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Our Health Information System Evolution encompasses a broad healthcare software spectrum including ancillary systems, patient management, billing, among others. The design is aligned with the best-practices guidelines. 

The system empowers the organization with the most precise tools for decision-making. From the first point of care, our system will be at every step of the way gathering the information needed to complete the patient’s record up to the end of the revenue cycle process. 

Efficient Coding

This system provides multiple functionalities to automate the coding process during the patient encounter, integrating the physicians, Health Information personnel, and billing professionals.  

Smart Billing

The bulk of the billing process is automated through a level of care and insurance combination. It is integrated throughout the encounter to reduce errors and ensure quality. Provides repetitive and auditable results, reducing time and staffing.

Precise Finance


The system will provide all the functionalities needed to integrate with other systems, granting flexibility and added functionalities, complying with the market standards.