Hospital Information System (HIS)

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Our Health Information System encompasses a broad healthcare software spectrum including ancillary systems, patient management, billing, among others. The design is aligned with the best-practices guidelines. 

The system empowers the organization with the most precise tools for decision-making. From the first point of care, our system will be at every step of the way gathering the information needed to complete the patient’s record up to the end of the revenue cycle process. 

Efficient Coding

This system provides multiple functionalities to automate the coding process during the patient encounter, integrating the physicians, Health Information personnel, and billing professionals.  

IMO® integrations for the physicians to code concurrently
Functionalities to convert SNOMED Problems to ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
3M Coding and Reimbursement System to provide precise APC and DRG calculations for ER and Inpatient encounters
CPT’s are coded on the profile, yet they may be overridden by record analysts
Charges are received through the CPOE process with integration to all departments

Smart Billing

The bulk of the billing process is automated through a level of care and insurance combination. It is integrated throughout the encounter to reduce errors and ensure quality. Provides repetitive and auditable results, reducing time and staffing.

The smart billing process creates the invoices based on the encounter
Complex scenarios are configured to provide flexibilization of the process
The balances are calculated before the patient leaves the facility, allowing exact deductibles
Provides patients with better choices
Multiple checkpoints to safeguard complete accounts
EHR integration allows paperless billing, result validations
Realtime access to information. (No more files waiting to move forward)

Precise Finance

Multiple reports to concurrently monitor the finances of the institution.
Predictive billing process that allows the institution to project earnings accurately
Simple, easy-to-use, high-level reports for administrators
Detailed reports for the analysts
Capture costs to know the effectiveness of the rendered services
Realtime monitoring for proactive administrative decision making


The system will provide all the functionalities needed to integrate with other systems, granting flexibility and added functionalities, complying with the market standards.

Realtime Eligibility transactions
Seamless electronic billing
Easy monitoring of accepted or declined transactions.
Realtime admissions and discharges reporting to payers through CCDA and HL7 for concurrent auditing
Realtime orders and results, guarantee that all charges are posted on the account
Pharmacy integration to charge per dispensed medication

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