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Help your patients to obtain their medications by eliminating paper!

E-prescribing creates a more efficient and safer process for your institution. 

Rcopia® is the #1 e-prescribing, medication history, and adherence monitoring solution in the country. Over 40,000 providers and 300+ EHR vendors trust DrFirst to deliver to retail and mail order pharmacies nationwide more than one billion prescriptions annually.

According to a Medical Group Management Association study, e-prescribing creates an average annual savings of $15,769 per full-time equivalent physician working at the practice. Key for staff support, Rcopia has been shown to save practices an average of two hours of administrative work daily — valuable time that can be used to support other tasks.

Rcopia is Feature-rich for Enhanced Clinical Care

Infomedika has a partnership with Dr. First to provide a seamless integration with e-prescribing.