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Evidence-based Solutions 

Answer clinical questions with the most current evidence and information about best nursing practices.  Find medical information for patients and caregivers.

DynaMed® is a clinical information resource used by physicians to answer clinical questions quickly and easily at the point of care. It includes thousands of topics that provide clinicians and educators with the evidence-based information they need to make informed decisions. Topics are updated daily as new evidence becomes available.  

Evidence-based Methodology

The DynaMed methodology for creating content is based on evidence-based medicine principles and best practices with a commitment to providing unbiased information to help guide physicians in their decision-making process. One-click access to full-text articles makes it easy for users to read the original research. Designed to be interactive, DynaMed pushes information to users via alerts so they know when information has been updated. And best of all, DynaMed can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device or system including mobile devices, tablets and EMRs.

Nursing Reference Center (NRC) is the premier evidence-based information resource designed specifically for nurses. With Nursing Reference Center, nurses can get answers to questions quickly, strengthen their nursing skills, and read full-text journal articles anytime, and anywhere.

” Nursing Reference Center had the highest overall performance in the nurse reference product category according to Clinical Decision Support 2013: Sizing up the competition by KLAS. “

Nursing Reference Center Supports Education Initiatives

Nursing Reference Center is committed to educating nurses about evidence-based medicine and nursing best practices. As part of that effort, Nursing Reference Center focuses on ensuring that staff nurses, nurse educators, recent nursing graduates, and nursing students have quick and easy access to the most current information to provide the best care possible to their patients.

Nursing Reference Center provides staff nurses and nurse educators with a resource that supports education goals, encourages nursing students to access the original research, and provides options for patient care while preserving and supporting the essential learning opportunities that educators want to provide.


Medical Information for Patients and Caregivers

Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) provides nurses and health care professionals with patient information handouts that can be customized, printed and given to a patient at the point of care. Patient Education Reference Center handouts are easy-to-read, include medical illustrations and are available in multiple languages

Patient Education Reference Center is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Criteria

Infomedika has a partnership with EBSCO to provide a seamless integration with Dynamed.