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Order Sets

InOrder by Elsevier is an intuitive, cloud-based order set solution that enables physicians, clinicians, and informaticists to author, review, and manage order sets in a collaborative environment.


Your clinical systems, workflows, terminologies -even existing order sets – can be incorporated for easier authoring, management, and care delivery.

Easy-to-find, high-value content

lnOrder meets the same high expectations set by Elsevier’s clinical content over the past century. It includes evidence-based order sets, deep access to clinical answers through ClinicalKey, and enhanced guidance to provide intelligent direction at the point of care.

Better design and usability

lnOrder is easy to navigate, making collaboration, authoring, management, and use powerfully simple.


Our InOrder integration and implementation team will help to ensure that the product´s setup is tailored to your organization´s needs.

Clinical Key

With evidence from ClinicalKey

Elsevier’s ClinicalKey is the world’s first clinical insight engine that uses smart content to enable faster, more relevant searches. It leverages thousands of Elsevier’s journals a books to deliver clinical answers you can trust.  Content is indexed daily, so you can be confident knowing you have every tool you need to create evidence-based order sets aligned with best practices. 

Infomedika has a partnership with Elsevier to provide a seamless integration with InOrder.